Born Privileged Consignment Bag

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How it works

  1. Check the Born Privileged designer list for brands eligible for consignment.  All items should be 100% Authentic.
  2. Request a pre-paid Born Privileged consignment bag here. Or, request a pick-up of 5 or more items by emailing
  3. Fill your bag with new and gently loved clothing, shoes, and accessories. Please note: items with odors, stains, holes, pilling, missing/broken zippers and buttons or, that show excessive signs of wear will not be accepted.
  4. Drop the bag at your local USPS Office.
  5. Once we receive your items, we will inspect, catalog, photograph, and list your items for sell.
  6. We'll donate your unaccepted items or, you can request to receive them back by purchasing Return Guarantee for $4.99.
  7. Once your item(s) sell, we'll pay you 60% of the resale price! Funds are deposited via PayPal 14 days after your item(s) are purchased.